Stop at any rink and ask around and you will find pick-up or drop-in skates. Skill levels vary. Ages range from the very young to quite old. The trick is to find a skate that fits your skill level and temperament.

Our goal is to consistently create a perfect skate.

Our skates are optimized for fun. Simple rules apply to the skates which must be followed. You will be held accountable to uphold and help enforce the rules.

These rules are easy to follow. It is simple respect for your fellow player and the rink. When a skater breaks the rules, we talk to him. If the skater doesn’t learn then he is removed from the system and can’t skate. Simple as that.

See rules below…

Rules of the Skate

Show Up – no-shows are put in the penalty box and must pay to get out.
Quick Shifts – 2 minutes is reasonable, ice hogs are not invited back
Pass The Puck – get everyone involved, don’t just pass to your buddy
No Checking – we all have lives outside of hockey, this is just for fun
No Whining – no one likes a whiner
Wait for the Zamboni driver to get done before skating

Quick Tutorial

Perfect Skate is a product of Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing, LLC owner, Dave Crabill. Dave has been organizing hockey for a long long time! Here is a pic of him calling skaters, January 1st, 1977.

Contact him if you want a system to manage your events.

See you on the ice!



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